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Jumping Rope


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The amount of cardio you need to do will be on the first page of your personal program.  Please do not add or take away without discussing first.  Do not do extra cardio for good measure or if you eat too much or just feel you want to, your body adapts to cardio and becomes more efficient at doing the same thing over and over so try to mix things up, don’t do the same cardio everyday to avoid having to do hours and hours with less result.


Choosing your cardio
Please include one of each  category at least once per week unless specified otherwise. Where you have more cardio please choose and try to rotate. If you do the same cardio over and over you are likely to see less results which may mean we need to add more minutes. If you are not seeing results try to push harder before you are given more minutes. If your progress stalls try doing something you dont usually do.

If you have big legs and want to bring them down then avoid all leg shaping cardio, if you need to build your legs then avoid steady state running.




Each example is 30 mins long, if you have 60 mins you may choose two different types, if you have 40 mins you may choose 30 mins of one type and then make up the extra with something else.

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